Multi Stage Fitness Test - Beep Test


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Based on the popular Beep Test devised by Leger and Lambert (University of Montreal in Canada)

The 20m shuttle run test is a simple method for testing aerobic fitness. Good aerobic fitness is important in sports that require endurance, including most sports in which the participant has to work continuously or intermittently for periods longer than a few minutes.

The shuttle run test also has the advantage that a number of people can participate at the same time, allowing you to check your fitness levels against others.

This test is being used more widely in Australia over recent years by sports clubs, coaches, teachers, fitness instructors and examiners.

All you require is a CD player and 2 markers placed 20m apart.

This easy to perform test is based on established scientific research and produces consistently reliable results. The package consists of a high-quality CD, containing timing indicators for the test along with a 12 page explanatory booklet.

The booklet contains notes on;
• test conditions • information for the subject • equipment to be used • test area setup • taking the test • analysing the scores • descriptions of the tracks on the CD • acknowledgments to those involved and references to works used.

It also contains;
• a shuttle run record form • predicted maximum oxygen uptake values • normal values for a range of sports • average results obtained from a sample of students aged 12-17 within Australian schools • shuttle distance adjusted for CD player speeds.

Produced by the Australian Coaching Council
Department of Physiology and Applied Nutrition
Australian Institute of Sport.

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