Proline V4  Linemarker
Proline V4  Linemarker
Proline V4  Linemarker
Proline V4  Linemarker

Proline V4 Linemarker


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A new up to date liquid sports linemarker incorporating a battery powered pump unit to deliver a constant spray of line marking liquid onto the playing field.
Fountain has designed a marker for the professional, but with a price for the weekend club player. A marker which puts down variable width line in a variable line position to the left or right of the machine.

Mark right up to the goal posts or adjust the delivery line to whatever it’s required. A simplified nozzle jet has been provided to give a good fan spray without easily clogging when using liquid or powder slurries. The large 30 litre container holds sufficient liquid for a long, well defined line avoiding frequent returns for filling.

The pump motor set is at the heart of the linemarker. To allow a variety of liquid, Including slurries with suspended powders to pump without blockage and give long trouble free life, we selected a impeller pump operating at high speed direct driven by a compact high speed electric motor. The excellent non-clog characteristic of the pump ensure trouble free operation. The pump motor set is designed as a one piece unit which can be easily changed over by unscrewing the two nuts attaching the bracket to the unit base, removing lines and wires and interchanging the complete unit.

The marker is powered by a 12 volt battery. The battery operates a pump via a compact high speed electric motor and a diaphragm valve stops the liquid flow upon switching off.

Batteries of the deep cycle or Endurance type give constant discharge power and high output levels between charging. Battery life and number of recharges is maximized. Although we recommend this battery type, any 12 volt car or motor bike battery will be suitable for line marking.
Smaller batteries will reduce the weight but will need recharging more often.
The new adjustable marking disk assembly allows quick and simple adjustment of the line width from 50mm (2") to 100mm (4"). The disc avoids cutting into the ground and allows better straighter and easier marking.

The newly designed variable line rail allows quick and simple repositioning of the line to either side of the marker as well as any position in between. This gives the operator complete flexibility and makes easy work of awkward positions.

There is no need to change parts to alter the line width on the Proline marker. Line widths are easily accomplished by turning the fan jet across the marking area. The larger the angle turned, the narrower the line becomes. The spray jet is locked in position by the nozzle cap. The height the nozzle is set above the surface also influences the line width.

A new ergonomically styled handle with adjustable height enhances the maneuverability of the Proline and allows for a wide range of height settings.

Smooth running pneumatic wheels are supplied as standard. Compare us to our competitors, you will save!

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